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Wide Network of Dealers and Resellers

In Central Europe and Africa we distribute products, services, solutions and know-how through a chain of in-country dealers and resellers. Our relation to these partners is based on solution advice, quality products, full service and long term relationship.

High level of inventory and stock

A consistently high service level is achieved by an inventory shipped out of one of the largest Motorola Solutions products warehouse in Central Eastern Europe.

Fast Delivery

Top priority is the fast and reliable delivery of ordered goods to our dealers and customers. With their worldwide logistics experience, our Logistics Department will hereby support our clients.

Excellent Sales Support and Services

ConnecTel‘s goal is to provide dealers and customer with a “Single point of contact” to ensure faster and more effective communication between us and our dealers and customers. Our sales personnel and technical support team will support our dealers and customers to choose the right kind of communication solution for a specific requirement.

Professional Technical Support

In today’s world, technology is changing and improving rapidly. In order to provide our dealers and customers with the best possible technical support, we have our technical staff trained on a regular basis by our partner suppliers. Our field teams can provide RF coverage planning, installation, system configuration and onsite support for acceptance tests.


Wide Network of
Dealers and Resellers

Working exclusively through a network of dealers and resellers


High level of
Stock Inventory


High level of stock inventory




 Fast Delivery



Excellent Sales
Support and Services


Excellent Sales Support and Services


Technical Support


Professional Technical Support
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Providing solutions by combining
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Assessment and analysis
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Selection of the most
appropriate solution


Complete delivery
and implementation


& Support


Development under
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