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Technical department of company ConnecTel Inc. provides wide spectrum of services, ie. design, research & development, production, engineering, project management, delivery, assembly, installation, hot-line service, maintenance, authorized service and repairs. The quality of our services is in compliance with CSN EN ISO 9001:2008. The company is also certified by UCL authority that allow us to provide service and engineering for ATC communication systems.

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Radio Communication Systems

  • Design of radio communication systems on demand including signal coverage
  • Digital models coverage, connection test at site to verify of model, OUTDOOR, INDOOR
  • Acquisition activities, engeneering, design and production of steel constructions
  • Dealing with Czech Telecommunication Office (ČTÚ), provisioning of short-term even individual transmitting permissions
  • Assemblly and Installation of systems
  • Revision electro and lighting conductors including explosive environments
  • Profesional training in different forms including training based on demand

Service Department

  • Warranty and After Warranty repairs
  • Maintenance and repairs of radio and telecommunication devices
  • Repairs and revision of antennas systems (measuring PSV, ERP, DTF)
  • Measurement of battery capacity in range from 10mAh up to 100Ah, 1V to 48V
  • Regular and periodical revisions (electroinstallations, lighting conductors, anti fire enteries, antennas systems, steel constructions)
  • Programming of radio stations


  • Delivery and assembly of electroinstalations and devices
  • Installation of  radio communication devices, base stations, repeaters, antenna systems
  • Work and instalations at hights
  • Installation and configuration of devices (MOTOROLA, CAMBIUM, ERICSSON, ALCOMA)
  • Assembly and Hiden Assembly radio communication, alarm and GPS technologies into cars
  • Realization indoor and outdoor cable nets, telecommunication nets and LAN
  • Installation of on board systems into buses and trams
  • Installation certified anti fire enteries (INTUMEX, ROXTEC, HILTI)

Measure Equipments

  • Communication Analyzers - AEROFLEX 3920, MOTOROLA R2670, R26801, GD R800
  • Antenna Analyzers - BIRD SA - 4000 , SA - 6000
  • Watt meters - Bidri model 43 , 4304
  • Battery analyzer - CANTEST 48/100 , CADEX C7400
  • Spectrum analyzer - ANRITSU MS2711D
  • Meter of earth and insulation resistance - METREL - MI 3105
  • ETHERNET Tester - VePAL TX130M+
  • E1 Tester - SUNSET MTT
  • Routine measurement technology
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