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motorola-solutions ConnecTel's array of portable and mobile two-way radios and systems offers solutions that better enable you to efficiently coordinate and communicate with your on-the-go workforce. From the utilitarian to the advanced, there’s a two-way communication solution for every type of enterprise operating in every type of environment. Clear, secure audio capabilities are critical to all industries and scenarios, from accelerating productivity to organizing first response personnel.

CT-DECT communication systems


In the area of industrial manufacturing, there are many situations where personnel need to be able to rely on secure, duplex-mode communication channels. For these applications in particular, the CT-DECT system offers innovative options for short-range duplex communication. By providing a reliable means of speaking and listening simultaneously, it can considerably simplify the work involved in complex production processes.
The digital duplex system can be permanently installed as CT-DECT Conference, and offers permanent multi-way comms for up to eight people (e.g. members of an installation team) even in its standard configuration.
The mobile variant is the CT-DECT Case: technically identical, this digital duplex radio system is installed in a weatherproof case and can thus be used anywhere it is required. CT-DECT systems can also be used to extend – or even replace – the intercom systems typically found in a factory setting.
Also free of licensing, fees and registration, it is available for all CT-DECT users with GSM or a radio connection.


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